The best friend is likely to acquire the best spouse because a
good marriage is based on the talent for friendship.
” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Thank you, Laura, for being such an important part of our wedding ceremony, We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant. You were very kind, comforting, and organized, which really helped to put us at ease during the hectic process of planning a wedding. We got compliments from many of our guests for the heartfelt ceremony, and we are so glad that you were able to stay

.-Jim and Clara




Laura as you promised our ceremony will be one of our most cherished memories. Much Love,
-Nat & Sarah


Dear Laura,

Our ceremony was exactly our vision. The script you wrote had the right balance between sacred and light, funny and authentic. Our values and personalities came through and all the words and rituals represented our love and finally our legal right to marry! There are no words to express our gratitude.

-Sidney and Rob

  Dear Reverend Gabriel,

My parents and grandparents have not stopped talking about having a female minister

  and what a wonderful

ceremony it was. 

Thank you,

-Beth & William

Dear Reverend Gabriel, Thank you so much for creating the wedding of my dreams. We were so happy to be standing with you at the alter saying and hearing the words and rites that were authentic to us. We appreciate how much time you gave us to make it truly ours.

– Curt & Melanie

Dear Laura, 

When my 75 year old Aunt rolled her eyes at the sight of a woman minister I knew you had your work cut out for you. But at the close of the ceremony my Aunt and the rest of my friends and family told us it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever attended. My unmarried friends are still calling for your number even the ones who aren’t dating yet. Thank you again and again for making the whole process such a delight and for creating exactly the ceremony we wanted, and delivering it with such poise and grace. So that it set the tone for the rest of the evening. You are truly a find.

– Joey and Joan


We knew you were right for us the minute we spoke to you. You were so excited to help us find the words to express our love and commitment in the most intimate way. You were so available when I called and always made me feel I was welcome and not a pain! We are still getting compliments for our beautiful and intimate ceremony….. It set the tone for our wonderful reception.

-Donna & Evan







Reviews from Thumbtack

We couldn’t have asked for someone as warm and accommodating as Laura. Mona
Laura did a great job making our special day even more special! Thank you so much!

Excellent officiant!
Jadranko P.

We love Laura. She’s very sweet. The very first time I talked to her over the phone, I already felt comfortable. She’s very warm and welcoming. Few weeks before our wedding, my wife and I met her in a cafe and we had fun talking to her not just about our plans for the wedding but also about our lives. She’s very flexible and she worked with our schedule very well.

Stephanie & Don

On the day of our Wedding, we were a bit late but she was so patient to wait for us. It was pouring rain that morning and Laura called us to let us know that the original place that we planned may not be the best for us to do our Wedding. She took the time and effort to look for a better place (and I mean real effort) to do our Wedding Ceremony and she did. The place was perfect. We didn’t need to walk too far from the entrance (coz she didn’t want my dress to get muddy and stuff). It was a walkway with some vines over it. It’s such a sweet and lovely place.


During our Wedding Ceremony, Laura made sure we both feel comfortable (since we’re both nervous and excited at the same time). She made everything feel natural and she has a great sense of humorwill recommend Laura to anybody who needs a Wedding Officiant. She’s really the best!!!

Haley M.

Although we didn’t meet Laura until right before the ceremony, we spoke on the phone several times. She worked with us to create the perfect ceremony for us. She was not only professional, but she added a personal touch to the ceremony, making us feel like we weren’t just another couple she was marrying.
Liz H. Laura Gabriel is a consummate professional and a warm, personable, caring person. From the moment we reached out to her about providing services, Laura was responsive and methodical in every detail. She made sure that our personality was reflected in the ceremony and was a calming, authoritative presence on the day of the ceremony directing everyone’s part. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Anthony D.

Laura was a complete professional, offered us the ceremony in the style we wanted, and was punctual even when we were not. We recommend Laura for your wedding needs.


Thank you for presiding over our wedding vows renewal at Strawberry Fields in Central Park today. You made the whole event magical, and I can’t imagine it being any better. The words you wrote were pure poetry, and made even the garbled efforts I had sent you sound good. I hope lots of people use you to officiate at their weddings, as it’s such an important day, and they need to have the best.

Karla & John

“Laura Gabriel is an incredible officiant. She co-officiated our wedding with my childhood pastor. Not only was she open to an alternative kind of ceremony, but she created a space for the two them to collaborate in ways I hadn’t ever imagined. She fostered an open and loving ceremony for my husband and me and for our friends and families. Laura has a beautiful, fun spirit and she definitely put us at ease on what had the potential to be a stressful day. She was 100% there to support us. Laura helped make our special day even more special and we will always be grateful.

Frank C.

 f you want your wedding to feel intimate, loving, pretty much like a fairy tale…pick laura. We picked laura shortly after speaking with her on the phone it was a done deal. Very down to earth, had excellent suggestions, she really made our ceremony feel so special. All of our guests are still talking about how great of a speaker Laura was. Very easy to work with, calm, and always available. LOVED HER

Megan S

Laura helped us achieve the perfect balance for our interfaith ceremony. We felt that we were truly represented the way we wanted to be and not overshadowed by tradition. I truly believe our ceremony was emotional for everyone who attended. It just had a special feeling to it. Better than I imagined it!

Anna .

Laura was informative, supportive and flexible, right from the first telephone conversation that we had with her. We’d made a relatively last minute decision to elope and we were coming up to New York on just over a weeks’ notice, with little to no idea what we’d like to include in the ceremony. Laura was able to send us different sample ceremonies, which we were able to use to identify the components and the words that we’d like to use in ours. Laura was even flexible and understanding on the day, when we adjusted the timing of the wedding several times, and picked a location in Central Park that wasn’t optimal for her personally. She was able to make the wedding feel personal, even though we’d not been talking for very long beforehand and she was very professional. Her joy at being a part of our joyful day was contagious and even though our wedding was very intimate, just her, us and two witnesses, we felt like we’d be able to share with everyone else that smile.

Thank you, Laura!
Emma and Valeria

Thank you! What a pleasure and delight to perform this ceremony. A couple so in love. This is why I feel so blessed to be a Wedding Officiant!
Joey Z.

Laura was fantastic. We did not have a very good idea of what we wanted for the ceremony when we started talking with her, but after working with Laura, we felt like we had exactly the ceremony we wanted. Laura was amazing! Our ceremony was just as we had dreamed it would be – sincere, compassionate and heartfelt. We couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Jonathan S.

Despite our contacting her at the last minute, Laura really took the time to get to know us, and offered helpful advice while not pushing anything on us and respecting what we wanted, and ultimately found a ceremony that was just right.

Barry & Ben

From my initial phone call to Laura, I knew she was the one, from her calming voice, genuinely good person at heart spirit she exuded (and this is just her voice-mail). She gave us great avenues to mentally wonder down, and allowed us whatever length of time we felt worked best for us,and needless to say the end result is PRICELESS!!!. At our first meeting (as we get to know each other) Laura’s modesty upon speaking of herself, her family, etc., just really put her on a Pedestal and confirmed my heartfelt feeling I got from my first phone call to her. Her ability to comfortably mingle (because it be award for any outsider) at, during and after our ceremony with family and friends made us feel special that we were able to give her back the same feeling of Joy she brought to this Life Changing moment in our lives. Big KISS! Cheers to you Laura!!!!

Daniela G.

Laura was essential in making our day what it was. We planned our wedding very quickly so it was great that she had a prepared service and suggestions that really matched us. All we had to do was put in a few elements that were really important to us and we got the ceremony that we hoped for. Very professional and easy to communicate with. She was a great presence and orchestrator for our informal and intimate wedding.

John & Jose

Laura Gabriel jumped into an emergency situation when our planned officiant was unable to preside over our civil wedding scheduled for the following weekend. She carefully reviewed the ceremony that we had already planned in detail, suggested a couple of helpful tweaks, and presided with charm and grace at the marriage. We were very pleased with her participation in every way, and are very grateful to her.

Daniele N.

Laura took the time to get to know us and helped to make the day super special. We really owe her thanks. She was reliable, prepared and thought of everything. She came ultra prepared and helped make today the most special day in our lives. Thank you Laura for making us feel so important.


Good experience! Laura is a professional wedding officiant! Recommended!


Dear Laura,

Thank you for our beautiful wedding ceremony! We were totally thrilled with the ceremony. You were so in the moment and delivered on your promise that it would represent us! We got many compliments for how true the ceremony was to our relationship and style. I loved how you were with all our family and friends they all loved you which really made us happy. We were so blessed to have found you, there are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you for making our wedding very memorable! You are a special lady.

-Lauren & Richard